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Serving Your Financial Needs With a Focus on using Hard Assets in an Attempt to Ease Your Tax Burden

Chris Miller | Managing Director at Specialized Wealth Management

At Specialized Wealth Management, we work with our clients to pursue wealth accumulation and capital preservation through the use of tax mitigation strategies. We are experts at using the 1031 Exchange to help our clients defer taxes by purchasing DST and/or NNN Leased properties.

Chris Miller


We focus on analyzing and offering tax-advantaged investment programs, where appropriate, to accredited1 high-net-worth investors.

At Specialized Wealth Management, we choose to specialize in working with our clients to pursue capital preservation and wealth accumulation through proper tax strategies.

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20 brier creek

About Chris Miller

Christopher Miller is a Managing Director with Specialized Wealth Management and specializes in tax-advantaged investments including 1031 replacement.

Chris’ extensive real estate experience includes work in commercial appraisal, in institutional acquisitions for a national real estate syndicator and over two decades as a real estate investment advisor.

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Selected Properties From Our Portfolio

12 two blocks
12 two blocks
12 two blocks
12 – Two Blocks
Two Blocks | Suburban Atlanta, GA Apartments
12 – Two Blocks
1000 West | Charleston, SC Apartments
12 – Two Blocks
Galleria Del Rio | Tucson, AZ Apartments
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